General FAQ

How much do tickets cost?

General Admission is $10, children 13 & under are $7 and seniors, matinees & tuesdays are $7. All taxes are included in the above pricing.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do. We sell them at the Roxy Box Office during open hours and for added convenience at nearby Sugar F/X just east of the Roxy on the north side of Brock St.

How early can I arrive before showtime?

The box office opens 30 minutes before the first movie show time. For example if the movie starts at 1 pm the box office opens at 12:30 pm but if it is a long movie we might start it at 12:45 pm so the box office would open at 12:15 pm.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, but only on the day of the screening. For example at a matinee you can buy tickets for the evening shows that day. The only time we can sell tickets days ahead of screenings is when they are our special events like Film Festivals and other fundraising events.

What type of payment do you take?
  • The Roxy accepts cash and debit but not credit cards.
Can I reserve seats?

Unfortunately no. This is something we have learned over the years can upset our patrons who might have been lining up outside to come into the Roxy to see their favourite movie and they see reserve signs on seats so we don’t do it.

Can I bring outside food and drink?

The Roxy depends on its concession sales to continue in business. There is very little profitability on the movie ticket with up to 70% of every ticket after tax (13% is included in every ticket price) going back to the film distributor.

Can I get a job at the Roxy?

The Roxy will always accept resumes so feel free to drop one off at your convenience. We will keep it on file until the next hiring initiative. We employ 22 in total of which the majority are youth from our community.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

We have always been and always will be completely accessible to our patrons.

What's on your menu?

Visit our Concession Menu page to see all the choices available.

Is your popcorn nut-free?

Yes – we only use premium Webber Gold Kernels along with Canola oil and salt seasoning. However, there are some concession packaged treats which contain nuts and our staff will be more than happy to identify those for you.

Where do I park?

There is street parking and there are various municipal parking lots including the one right behind the Roxy.

Can I use my phone?

It is preferred that all cellphones and noise and light disruptive devices be turned off during the movie. This is a request that we ask all of our patrons to respect for the enjoyment of everyone around them.

Can I advertise?

We offer onscreen ads to clients on a monthly and yearly basis with the yearly contract (which is invoiced each quarter) being the most cost effective. For more information on this advertising opportunity please contact

Movie FAQ

Do you get movies on release?

Yes. We are rated a “first run” theatre and it is part of our contract to open most first run movies on release.

How do I know what movies are coming?

We will endeavor to keep our patrons updated on a weekly basis through our online subscription as to what will be coming to the Roxy and when we hope to play it to the best of our ability. You can visit the website and sign up for this convenient update. You will not receive anything else from us or any other online advertiser. Just movie updates once a week.

Is there a way to know what movies will be playing in the next few weeks? I want to plan a night out.

Unfortunately, we do not know what movies will be playing in the upcoming weeks. As a first run movie theatre we are obligated to book movies on the Monday for release on the Friday. To keep our customers informed of what The Roxy is showing, we update our website and send out our newsletter as soon as movies are confirmed booked.

I see you’re playing a movie I really want to see. Unfortunately, I will be out of town for a while, will it be playing when I get back?

When we book a movie there are certain rules and regulations we must follow in terms of how long it will be played. Because of this, we cannot be sure how long a movie will play at the Roxy.

Roxy Club FAQ

What Clubs does the Roxy have?

The Roxy is proud to have sponsored and run the successful Roxy Kids in Action youth motivational volunteer group since 1997. We also have an Art Film Club for our patrons that like to avoid travelling all the way to Toronto to see art films and other festival awarded films. We have online newsletters for both of these clubs.

How can I join a club?

Visit our the Roxy Kids in Action or Art Film Club page and  click on join.

Event FAQ

What kind of events does the Roxy hold?

Annual Short Film Festivals in September and October, Ladies Nights called “Movies, Martinis and Manicures” (which has raised over $100,000 over the past 10 years!!!), fundraisers for various charities through special event screenings, Oscar Night at the Roxy and our Art Film events each month from September through to March.

Do you do wedding events?

We have had various photo shoots for engagement photos over the years along with 3 proposals, and one wedding (we are were very teary eyed at this one…).