Small Pop (16oz) $3.25   Medium Pop (24oz) $3.75   Large Pop (32oz) $4.25
Tea $2.25   Coffee $2.50   Hot Chocolate $2.75
Dasani Water $3.25   Minute Maid Juices/Fanta Orange $3.50
Canada Dry Ginger Ale/Fresca $3.75   Smart Waters/Vitamin Waters $4.25


Small (46oz) $4.25   Medium (85oz) $5.50   Large (130oz) $6.75
Extra Large (170oz) $9.25

A choice of real butter on top (included) Or Layered with real butter 0.50¢ (if desired)

We only use premium Weaver Gold kernels along with canola oil and salt seasoning. All of these ingredients are gluten-free and nut-free.


Small $1.75   Large $3.75   Cotton Candy $4.25

There are some packaged candy which contain nuts and our staff will be more than happy to identify those for you.

Small Combo Deal

Enjoy a small drink, small popcorn OR cotton candy, and small packaged candy.

$8.25 (*Save $1.00*)

Medium Combo Deal

Enjoy a medium drink, medium popcorn, and small packaged candy.

$9.50 (*Save $1.50*)

Large Combo Deal

Enjoy a large drink, large popcorn, and 2 small packaged candies.

$12.50 (*Save $2.00*)


Couples Combo Deal

Enjoy 2 medium drinks and a large popcorn.

$12.75 (*Save $1.50*)

Extreme Combo Deal

Enjoy a large pop, extra large popcorn, and large packaged candy.

$14.75 (*Save $2.50*)

No substitutions please and all taxes additional